Fair carbon supports the development of blue carbon projects by making information more accessible, increasing transparency, and ensuring projects meet high standards for conservation and social equity.    



At Fair Carbon, we recognize the carbon offset market is not perfect. We also acknowledge income from selling natural carbon sequestration and storage services is fundamental to transform communities and support conservation efforts.





Our original research into the world of nature-based carbon offsets - focused on mangrove blue carbon projects - revealed numerous barriers to carbon market entrance based on the cost and accessibility of information and expertise. Our objective is to remove and reduce these barriers while making carbon markets more transparent.


Our modular systems are designed to fill these knowledge gaps and support community and conservation initiatives wishing to access income from selling high-quality, verifiable carbon offsetting services. We are developing clear, step-by-step guidance to the accreditation process, starting at the initial step of selecting a standard and methodology, meeting high ethical standards for inclusive project governance, and applying for seed funding. Once a project is established, we will provide additional guidance on ongoing monitoring, reporting, verification, and marketing and retailing credits for the best available price.


For prospective purchasers of carbon offsets, we provide clear, jargon-free guides to understanding the voluntary carbon market and enable the discovery of suppliers of quality blue carbon offsets via an interactive map linking directly to project registry entries and sales outlets.





Since launching in March 2021 we have engaged with local and international NGOs, land managers, scientists, producers of nature-based offsets, corporate and private purchasers, and carbon standards to ensure that the solutions we are developing are welcome, have a practical application, and align with current best practices.


After 9 months of intense consultation, the proof-of-concept phase is concluded and we are advancing product development, with a range of publicly accessible datasets and draft guidelines for accreditation of mangrove restoration projects scheduled for release throughout 2022.


Fair Carbon advances blue carbon knowledge, research, and collaboration through membership with leading organizations. Fair carbon is a proud member of the Global Mangrove Alliance  and a leading knowledge partner of the World Economic Forum's Mangrove Working Group.




Mangrove trees in a muddy swamp

Mangroves at Sungei Buloh, Singapore. Photo credit: Mark Beeston